Submitting a Site

We do surf the Internet and add sites we find interesting, useful or fun. We also offer the ability to submit your site for consideration. There is a one-time, fully refundable payment of $29 USD to help offset the cost of our time to do site reviews. Most sites are reviewed and added within two weeks. It can occasionally take slightly longer. PLEASE read our submission guidelines below the payment form.

Make your payment of $29 USD with credit card or Paypal using the form below. Then email your title and description to:

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How to Submit

We are looking for quality sites with unique content. Not all submissions are accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following types of sites are not accepted:


We may edit submissions to comply with guidelines or for clarity or brevity. Your email address may be used occasionally to send you information regarding your Sitesnoop listing or other relevant information or special offers from We will not sell or give away email addresses, and you will not be added to any regular mailing lists.